What should I do to maximize results with jelqing?

Definitely try to do a jelqing session at least 6 times a week.

Only one jelqing session a day is necessary - no need to do two-a-days. Most guys don’t have that much time anyways.

Also, try to keep a long, full stroke for each repetition.

Don’t short cut it and just go through the motions.

Remember, always be thinking quality over quantity.

Additionally, try to get the full stroke time for each jelqing stroke - don’t make shortcuts by doing a stroke that only lasts one or two seconds. Ideally, it should last 5 full seconds.

Lastly, this goes for your jelqing and all other penis enlargement exercises, and that’s to stay consistent over the days, weeks, and months that you undergo your penis enlargement training.

Another tip is to make sure you sustain the proper blood flow and erection level in your penis.

You can help pump more blood instantly by doing kegels while jelqing.

Getting the erection level correct is just a matter of paying attention to your body throughout your jelqing session.

Remember, your erection level matters because lower erection levels will target length while higher erection levels will target girth.

Source: https://phallogauge.com/blog/does-jelqing-work.html