What Erection Level Should I Jelq at?

Start jelqing with a 50 – 75 percent erection level. Erection erection hardness scale percentages are approximations.

  • Don’t get hung up on exact figures.

  • Think – jelqing between a Level 2 (peeled banana) and Level 3 (unpeeled banana), per the EAU Erection Hardness Scale.

  • The point is to avoid full erections when jelqing initially, until you build up to it.

Why can’t you start off with a full erection? You don’t go to the gym the first day and start by lifting 300 lbs, do you? It’s the same thing for jelqing. However, with jelqing it’s not your back which will give out!

90% erection level is too hard for Jelqing
70-80% erection level is perfect for Jelqing
50% erection level and lower is now good for Jelqing

" To primarily target length with jelqing, you should do your jelqing exercises at a lower erection level.

30% to 50% of you maximum erection hardness is a good erection level range.

This is assuming 0% is completely flaccid and 100% is a full of rock hard erection. The reason why this will help to provide length is because you’re doing more of a stretch with the jelqing stroke rather than a blood flow push".

Source: https://phallogauge.com/blog/does-jelqing-work.html