Two finger jelq - jelq and mini uli + mini horse squeeze

  1. Use plenty of a good lube and keep your shaft and fingers moist;
  2. Grip your base as deep down toward your pelvic bone as possible as well as getting as far underneath and into the base of your sack as you can with the standard ok grip (to facilitate this hold your unit straight out as you get your grip);
  3. After getting the usual grip with your thumb and pointing finger (palm facing down), add your middle finger and also wrap it around your shaft (make sure both finger tips are digging into your CS, not lying across it);
  4. Make sure to use pressure from both fingers, don’t get lazy and have one just along for the ride;
  5. Jelq to your glans (I prefer to jelq in a downwards direction), removing your middle finger as it approaches it, but hold your original ok grip (thumb and pointing finger) at the base of your glans when it gets there;
  6. Tighten your grip around the base of your glans (when you get your next grip in place you want to trap the blood within your shaft, between the two grips);
  7. Repeat steps #1 & 2 with your other hand (leaving your original hand still locked around the base of your glans);
  8. As you begin your second jelq, remove your original grip from around your glans;
  9. Keep repeating all of the above.