The Ultimate V in Penis Enlargement - Your fingers will not get tired

The advantages of the UV over regular V’s:

  1. Generate as much or as little finger pressure you want without your fingers tiring
  2. You can do as many strokes as you want because your fingers don’t tire
  3. You can jelq as slowly as you want for the same reason
  4. By increasing finger pressure you are also getting a better stretch from this exercise

Can’t believe I never thought of this before, but it will change how we do V’s I think. Single biggest problem when doing V’s is the amount of force we are able to generate by squeezing our two fingers together. This is then followed by finger fatigue as our fingers aren’t all that strong. Today what I did was so simple, but so effective I can’t believe it.

Do a reverse V by inserting your fingers down over the top of your unit ( /\ )as close to your pubic bone as possible. With your other hand reach below your shaft and simply squeeze your two fingers together using your second hand. While squeezing your fingers together glide up your shaft just like normal. You will need plenty of lube for this to prevent too much skin from bundling up as you jelq. I had some skin bundling up, but as I finished the jelq the skin pulled back for me perfectly.

Even if you are fully erect you can still squeeze your fingers together for an effective jelq (I am not saying to do these erect). Since your fingers don’t fatigue, your workout doesn’t go down hill because each jelq will be as strong as the last one. Two proofs of its effectiveness are that when I applied a reverse V just using my fingers my unit didn’t noticeably move much. When I squeezed my fingers together however using my other hand, my unit stood straight up because of the added pressure. Also, the whiteness of my skin behind the grip as I did a normal V changed back to a more normal color as soon as I continued moving up my shaft. When I squeezed my fingers together the whiteness stayed there which meant much less blood was escaping from in front of my grip. Your glans will be substantially more puffed up after doing a UV routine vs. a regular V routine.

My unit is pretty thick, and my fingers aren’t all that long, but I was easily able to use my other hand to squeeze my jelqing fingers together. Biggest concern will be overdoing these bad boys. I still do UJ’s over regular jelqing, but I have gotten away from V’s because I didn’t think I was getting enough bang for my buck. V’s are back on the agenda again.

By using less force and cutting back on your normal amount of reps, even a beginner can do these. The more conditioned your unit is the more force and reps you can perform, and perhaps also the frequency. For those looking to up the intensity of their jelqing routine following the completion of JP90’s program, this is a nice next step.