The Common Misconceptions of Jelqing

One common misconception of jelqing is that it is the primary exercise that provides permanent length gains.

While it is true you can slightly increase your length with jelqing, it’s not the best exercise if you’re looking to target length specifically.

This is because jelqing is more of a blood flow exercise.

If you’re looking to primarily target length, you should be doing manual stretching exercises or wearing a penis extender traction device. The reason why these methods work and jelqing not so much is because you need to stress your penile tissues consistently for long periods of time to induce cell hyperplasia.

Hyperplasia is the scientific phenomenon behind length gains.

Now, that’s not to say that jelqing is completely ineffective in providing length.

Like I said earlier, it can provide small length gains.

To primarily target length with jelqing, you should do your jelqing exercises at a lower erection level.

30% to 50% of you maximum erection hardness is a good erection level range.

This is assuming 0% is completely flaccid and 100% is a full of rock hard erection. The reason why this will help to provide length is because you’re doing more of a stretch with the jelqing stroke rather than a blood flow push.