Jelqing Damage and Injury

Hi, I signed up to share the dangers of jelqing. I’ve read a lot about the potential harmful effects of it. Fair warning to everyone who is going to try. Some unwanted effects even last for several years. As soon as you find anything different, I would suggest calling a urologist. People get pain, discolouration, and bruising at times. Others felt a difference in their sex lives, they have problems with erection quality and others felt some desensitization. As they say, something might work for someone, but not everyone.

For those that are currently experiencing this, they say your penis will heal but not for a very long time, meaning, it can take up to months time or even years for your penis to recover. So before you try, better consult your doctor first.


Thanks for sharing! Did you try jelqing? Has any other method worked for you?

Yes, I agree on this. I experienced the same thing. Jelqing totally screwed up my sex life and my penis. Several days after doing it, I noticed a discoloration and my erections were like soft and limp. I thought it was a normal part of the routine, so I continued for a month but with breaks. Eventually I became impotent. It’s been 2 years and the discoloration is still there. Improvement still remains to be seen. I’m not totally impotent but my functionality still has not returned to what it used to be and I haven’t regained the size that I had previously. I think it worked for some men but can be total crap for other men.