Jelq Sticks - How they work - Make your own

Learn how to make your own Jelq Sticks and how to use them!

The Power Jelq device can be purchased for approximately US$40. It can also be built for less than US$10 using the following parts, available at most hardware stores:

Canning jar lifting tongs
PVC pipe
Male-threaded pipe nipple/hose barb
Foam pipe insulation
Duct Tape

Jelq sticks can be used either on the top and bottom of the shaft (horizontally) or on the sides of the shaft (vertically). Using the sticks vertically has a better effect on girth gains, by placing direct stress on the corpus cavernosa, and also reduces the risk of dorsal nerve injury. Horizontal usage places direct stress on the corpus spongiosum, resulting in greater head expansion. However, the risk of dorsal nerve injury is also increased.

The exercise should be performed with at least a 50% erection. If performed at too low an erection level, the pressure during the progression of each stroke will vary, resulting in lower pressure initially, with pressure increasing towards the end of the stroke. This will preferentially favor girth development toward the glans, eventually resulting in the development of a baseball bat shape. In general, the greater the erection level, the more the effect on girth gains. Similarly, the lower the erection level, the more the emphasis shifts to length gains. Caution should be exercised when jelqing at erection levels greater than 80%. Due to the increased stress applied by this method of jelqing, erection levels may vary during the exercise. Therefore, the erection level should be periodically monitored and adjusted, as needed.

The intensity of the exercise can be increased by performing a kegel between each stroke, prior to fully tightening the grip at the base. This produces a greater pump, regardless of the erection level, and allows higher levels of engorgement to be handled with less potential for injury.

  • Warm up, apply lubrication, and achieve the appropriate level of erection.

  • Grip the shaft at the base with the sticks and slide them toward the glans using a three to five second stroke, concentrating on trapping and moving blood through the shaft.

  • Stop the stroke an inch or so from the base of the glans.

  • Return to the base of the shaft and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.