It works! Motivational story for everyone

I want to share a personal story! My ex and I accidentally met at a house party. We didn’t actually had a smooth break up two years ago because she had to move to a new city and it was all really rushed. Last weekend though, she went for a visit in our hometown and we had some time to catch up. The partying mood helped so much with the excitement we were feeling horny just after a couple of drinks! Then and there we did it.

To my surprise, she complimented my size!!! My ex said it got thicker from what she used to remember. We’ve always used to do it rough but it never hurt her. It was probably a subtle physical change but boy did she feel the difference. I can say for myself now that it truly works.

For all the guys here, don’t give up on those PE gains! If you’re curious, I do jelqing, pumps, and kegels. Not every day but I make it a point to do it, at the very least, two times a week. Btw, got her number too!


wow gz, man. thats some awesome news. have to admit im a bit envious. good luck with the girl!

So, @Flexster what happened with the girl?

men she really likes you to the fact that she almost went to your house and throw a party with you then she like your size too.

Oh man! That’s exactly what I want to do but I don’t know where to start.