How To Tell If You Got Peyronie's Disease Or Congenital Curvature?

How do you know you have Peyronie’s disease (acquired curvature) and not congenital curvature?

It sounds relatively straightforward, one you are born with (congenital curvature), while the other one is acquired as the result of a penis injury (Peyronie’s disease). However, life is never so straightforward.

If you have always had bent penis, then you most likely have congenital curvature. However, if you had some kind of penis injury before becoming fully sexually mature, then there is a possibility that you have Peyronie’s disease. You should then be able to feel the scar (plaque) in the penis during examination.

Furthermore, if you have naturally occurring curvature and your penis starts to get more bent / deformed, then you are likely to have developed Peyronie’s disease as well.

This is why you should always see your doctor and get formal diagnose, to clarify if you have Peyronie’s disease or congenital curvature.