Hot - Cold alternation for penis enlargement

This technique is all natural and it is really simple. Because it is so simple you might think that it doesn’t work, but that’s not true at all. What you need to do is to use the alternation between hot and cold. You can do this with water, or you can do it with snow or something else that’s cold and hot.
The point is to massage the penis with both cold sources and hot sources. Why do that? Because the changes in temperature tones up the cells. Also alternating contraction elongation methods helps to increase the penis, both in length and diameter.
Now, you need to do this when you don’t have an erection because when you do, your member’s cells will be too rigid to be lengthened. Think of ice cubes and maybe the heat from the oven to head up your hands before touching yourself. Although this may seem like masturbation, you shouldn’t get off. Whenever you feel like getting off, you should stop.
This method uses the powerful and even magical characteristics of bio-magnetism: rubbing your hands together before massaging is a well-known energetic technique used by practitioners of the Chinese Qi – kong (who practice control and amplification of bio-energy).
Give this a try and combine it with other methods as well!

What supplements do you recommend?

1 Super B complex. (Most B vitamin B’s are absent in processed food.)

1 Multi Vitamin & Minerals. (These are to boost your overall health during the exercise period.)

2 500mg L-Arginine capsule. (Or powdered L-Arginine, follow directions. This is for good blood circulation.)