Excessive masturbation helps with my EQ

i used to masturbate only about 2-3x a week, now ive been doing it 4-6x and im seeing an improvement with my morning wood. not sure if this is already considered excessive or not, but if people are interested in knowing if it works, im putting this out there.

if youre curious regarding length and girth, im measuring mine but there hadnt been any improvements yet. will keep you updated if anything changes! im also thinking whether the increase in length and girth is dependent with age. if teens would do it more frequently, would this lead to bigger gains?


Yeh, I agree on this. I noticed that those with aggressive masturbation habits during their teens usually lead to having bigger dick size than those that didn’t masturbate as frequently. They usually end up having average sizes. But if it’s EQ you’re after, then edging helps. You’ll last longer in bed too.

Personally, I don’t think that’s considered as excessive. Sounds normal to me, but if you can see improvement, just continue doing it, don’t stop now. Cardio exercises help too if you need more improvement with EQ.

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I don’t think it’s excessive either. Keep it up and share your results!

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