Does testosterone cause your dick to get bigger?

curious about the natural testosterone and those that are injected. which makes the dick grow bigger? do you get any benefits for your sex life if you choose to get those testosterone injections? thanks in advance for anyone who answers.

Testosterone doesn’t make your dick grow bigger, but it does make your erections harder. You can have sex more frequently and for longer duration as it increases your sex drive. Although, too much testosterone would also mean bad news for your balls. Your testicles will shrink if you’ve had too much of those steroids.

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Yes, everything I’ve read about those injections are only about erection quality. Gaining length and girth are out of the question. If you wanna be sure about it, ask your doctor. For me though, steroids are not worth the risk. You can also get prostate cancer from it in the later stages of your life. Studies have been made, but it’s been quite some time now since I’ve read those (so I can’t exactly cite them now). Oh well, there’s your cue to use google search. :slight_smile:


oh wow. your responses saved me from possible health risks. im almost decided now not to do the injections. ty!

@teninchwonder yes ty imma do a quick search for the pros and cons, seems tho that the risks are definitely not worth the benefits i can get.

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Testosterone helps with EQ. I want to add that it affects the growth of our dicks only during puberty, not adulthood. So it still had some influence on your current size.

Nope, it’s good for maintaining your penis erection,

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