Difference Between Penis Pumps & Penis Extenders

hey guys. my name is andrew and im new here. im very much interested in PE. what i want to ask if there’s specifically a difference between penis pumps and extenders and if they give out different results? i was wondering about the pros and cons and which of these two would be better suited for my goals.

any kind of help will be appreciated. thanks!!!

Hi Andrew! To sum it up, Penis Pumps give immediate, temporary results. The vacuum forces blood to rush into the penis which also gives hard erections. Because the vacuum expands the penile tissue outward, along the entire shaft of the penis, penis pumps are especially good for penis girth enlargement.

Penis Extenders on the other hand are good for increasing length. Some extenders are quite uncomfortable though. Because extenders are worn for hours, some men see permanent results faster than when doing manual stretching.

Hope this helps clear things for you.


thank you for your quick response! that helped a lot!! i might go for both then.

not looking to purchase anything for now. but this sounds painful. guess im going with jelqing, with that at least id feel more in control.

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You know what they say, No pain, no gain!

I recommend the Bathmate X30