Coming from someone with a micropenis

hello everyone. i just signed up and im new here, like 5 mins new. im very small and this sad, sad problem has left me with self-esteem issues. ive never been with a woman and im already 32.

the reason i joined was because i wanted to know if penis enlargement is possible for someone with a condition like mine. i know there are others out there that are like me who also want to know. i hope someone can help. i don’t want to get my hopes up or have unrealistic expectations so it would be great if someone can share or enlighten me.

many thanks,

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hey kiane, i dont know much about your condition but youll never know unless you try. better than doing nothing, right? some people have found that PE works. a method might work for one but not the other. who knows if it will work for you too. my advice is to try it out. persistence is key - many others didnt see results until their 6th month of PE, so you really have to be patient and consistent with the routines.

best of luck to you, i know you can get through this!

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