Cardio exercise actually helps with my erection

I have been going to the gym for several months now, eight to be exact. I wasn’t really into cardio but these past few weeks I’ve done 30 mins of it everyday for 6 days. It wasn’t exactly extreme cardio, only started light with some walking and running. After that, my erections have gotten stronger and better. They were harder and I can definitely observe an improvement with my libido.

I’m thinking maybe taking running as another hobby aside from going to the gym. It’s only been two weeks and the improvement on my sex life is huge. This comes (no pun intended :grin:) as a surprise for me. Anybody else had a similar experience? I’m going to try this for a longer period, I’m quite excited with the turn out.


Congrats! Your improvement may be connected to running from one simple reason: circulation. If your blood flow throughout the body is improved, then it also works better in extremities, such as hands, feet and your penis! Keep it up!

Good to know cardio helped you! Thanks man for sharing your experience. I’m thinking of trying it as well and including it to my routine together with jelqing.

Awesome news. :+1: You might want to find a running buddy soon iykwim :wink:

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lmao yes, I recently got back with my ex so maybe, just maybe she can be my “running buddy.”

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